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(Note select testimonials involved Kevin Eike while at his former firm

 Aldrich Eike, PC.)


The Redmond Oregon School District built the Ridgeview High School in 2012 hiring Skanska USA, one of the worlds largest builders to construct the $77 Million-dollar school complete with a state-of-the-art HVAC system manufactured by DAIKIN North America and installed by Oregon Cascade Plumbing and Heating, Bend Heating, and Northwest Controls Company.

Between the completion of construction in 2012 and late 2018, the school dealt with problems with the HVAC system at Ridgeview High school which made the environment extremely uncomfortable for students, teachers, administrators and visitors alike. The school district worked with Skanska, DAIKIN, and subcontractors to attempt fix the issues at the school for over 6 years with little success. The issues continued to plague the school and ultimately, the contractors engaged in finger pointing and ended up not agreeing to fix the school claiming the systems were out of the warranty period.

Faced with no other choice, the school hired Kevin Eike of Eike Law PC to represent it in a “David vs. Goliath” fight against a multi-billion-dollar construction company, its subs, the design team, the manufacturer, and their respective insurers. Kevin personally counseled the school through all stages of a high-profile construction defect litigated case with a skill, tenacity, and expertise which is unparalleled. The case involved over $10 million dollars in alleged damages, over 10 individual parties, and over 30 attorneys fighting the school, Eike and his team.

Despite being outnumbered by double digit factors, Kevin and his team at Eike Law PC fought hard, worked limitless hours, and were always available to counsel the school through litigation which took over a year and a half complete with depositions (25+), two mediations, a pending arbitration, and a companion Deschutes County Circuit Court case. Eike Law never gave up, was universally prepared and it was clear the attorneys, experts, and insurers on the other side of the case respected Kevin as the #1 construction attorney in Oregon.

Eike Law PC ultimately obtained a multi-million-dollar settlement which will provide the school with critical resources to properly and completely fix the school and reimburse the school for its costs, attorney fees, and expenses. The settlement makes it possible to completely fix the school without having to pass any of the burden onto tax payers or worse yet, take away precious resources from teachers and students.

Even after the case settled, Kevin has continued to help the school navigating the complex process of hiring contractors, engineers, and professionals to fix the school, taking the time to work through the bureaucratic process of public contracting, and providing sage advice to the school on all aspects of a difficult process. Kevin’s technical expertise coupled with his unwavering passion for construction litigation, make him the only choice for difficult construction defect cases in our opinion.

There is no question in my mind that Kevin Eike and Eike Law PC is the absolute best Construction Attorney in Oregon who personally handles his cases on behalf of his clients, large and small, and has the horsepower to take on the giants in the construction industry to a successful resolution.  For more about the case see the following article in the Bend Bulletin.



Michael McIntosh, Redmond School District Superintendent, 

Anthony Pupo, Executive Director of Operations

Having worked as a Multi Family Portfolio Manager in the Bay Area and Portland Metro Area for over 25 years, you find certain people and firms you come to rely on each year and Aldrich Eike P.C. is one of those. 

A brass fitting had failed to preform due a to manufacturers defect, this is going back to 2008. This was my first introduction to Dean Aldrich. Later in 2012, concrete siding began failing at one of my apartment buildings we managed as third party. We filed a lawsuit, Kevin Eike worked tirelessly with the owners and all parties involved. In 2016 replacement main waterlines began to break at a 296 unit apartment building and once again, Kevin and his team were asked again if they could help. All owners have been extremely happy with the outcome and everything has been resolved, thanks to Aldrich Eike P.C. and his team. 


Leslie Maehlum, Regional Portfolio Manager



In January 2017 we bought a fully remodeled older home in the heart of Bethany, an area we hoped to stay in until our kids finished school. A time that was meant to be exciting and happy quickly turned into a nightmare when, after five days of living there, we returned home on a rainy Sunday night to find water pouring into the lower level. Water was coming in to almost every room from the sides of the house and up through the floor. We quickly learned the previous owner had made some grave mistakes when updating the waterproofing of the foundation. As you can imagine we were devastated and did not know where to turn, and to add to that our home was unlivable. Kevin Eike was referred to me by a mutual friend as an expert in construction defect litigation. After we spoke for the first time it became clear he was the best person to handle our case. His main concern and attention was immediately focused on fixing the damage so that we could return home. Kevin kept us in the loop at every stage, was approachable and answered all of our questions. He always made us feel as though he had our best interest at heart and with his years of experience always gave us multiple options as well as being honest about the possible outcomes. We were successful in recovering a significant amount to the damages in mediation and we were quickly able to put the whole ordeal past us. Now we are happily living in a beautiful and more importantly safe home. I have absolutely no hesitation recommending Kevin Eike.

Lyndsey Lanphere, Private Client

 A new domestic water line system was installed on our apartment project and began to fail within a few years.  After several breaks and repairs we realized this system was severely flawed and needed replacement.  Tenants were frustrated with water shutdowns and the repair costs were mounting.  The contractors were not offering to replace this system.  We had a major problem on our hands and needed an expert on our side.  Eike and Aldrich and specifically Kevin Eike was recommended to us.  

His knowledge and expertise in dealing with construction defects were critical as there were multiple contractors, multiple insurance companies and multiple experts involved.  Despite these challenges, Kevin was able to get all parties to come to the table and settle before a long costly court battle ensued.   We believe he was able to get us as good of outcome as possible.  He and his staff were great to work with and were always available for questions and concerns.  We would recommend Kevin and his team to anyone that is in need of the firms expertise.

Davorin Baricevic, Pioneer Ridge

Kevin Eike has been an enormous asset to our property management firm.

In the last five to ten years many of the apartment buildings that we manage have shown signs of “brewing” construction defects.  Often the defect’s damage is only brought to light after the initial problems have multiplied, i.e. siding defects.

Kevin has been instrumental in helping our clients, through intense work with insurance companies and construction companies, win awards that have allowed them to bring their buildings to proper condition.

Kevin is responsive, helpful, and shares information that is necessary to bring all  parties to the table successfully.

Freddy Lunt, Princeton Property Management

I contacted Kevin for assistance with addressing a structural defect in a trussed roof assembly after being unable to resolve the issue on my own with the responsible parties.  Both the Truss Company and the Framer were pointing their fingers at each other and neither would accept responsibility for the problem.  Facing an impending expiration of the statute of limitations, Kevin worked quickly to file the claim and successfully cited the court precedence of “date of substantial completion” to extend the 10 year liability period to within the date of claim.  He managed the investigation process with the Truss Manufacturer and the insurance companies for both parties.  During this process it became clear that both parties were partially responsible for the failure.  He then negotiated a settlement and payment in record time saving me about $50,000.00 in legal fees in spite of the fact the Framer continued to deny responsibility.  The outcome was the best possible solution to a problem that needed to be fixed in a timely manner.  Very satisfied with the service and the outcome.  


Aaron George, James Hardi Building Materials

Kevin Eike surpassed all of my expectations. His knowledge of the law made me feel very comfortable with putting my trust in him. 

Philip E. Owen, Owner

Owen and Owen Builders Inc.

Our partnership acquired an apartment property in Portland at which it was
found to have defective siding.  At the recommendation of our property
management company we engaged Kevin Eike to investigate the situation on our
behalf.  Kevin shared with us his considerable experience in these type on
construction issues and we quickly became very comfortable with his strategy
to provide us the best results from this difficult situation.  With Kevin
taking charge, we filed a lawsuit against the manufacturer and
contractors/installers and ended up resolving our case to our complete
satisfaction.  The knowledge and background Kevin possess in these type of
construction matters was invaluable in helping our case and we are
completely gratified with the results.  We would not hesitate to recommend
Kevin, and his team, including Dina Hacker, to anyone in need of expertise
in construction defect issues.  They are professional and very easy to work
with.  It's always nice to work with a pro - and that's Kevin.

Steve Crosbie, Private Client 

I cannot say enough great things about this firm.  Our home was literally falling apart. We had tried and tried to contact our builder and it was evident our home was beyond another patch job. Our concern was that when it was time to sell, it would never make it past inspection.

We interviewed a couple of law firms that specialize in construction defect and chose Aldrich Eike, PC. This firm is a small local "Boutique" firm that walked us through every single scenario.  They were professional, timely, and available to answer all of our questions (we had a ton.) They knew exactly how long the process would take and were pretty spot on.

The actual construction was of course a nightmare; they had to rip off the whole front of the house, re-install new windows, siding, and rip up all the concrete, etc. What was found underneath was really, really bad, or I should say, what was no longer there. Horrible.

Of course, all of this had to be done before the next rain fall and in between life, kids and my husbands travel schedule.  

Needless, to say Kevin was professional, available and I have given his name without hesitation to friends and family.  Seriously, one of the best attorney situations we have had.

Sydney Orvist, Private  Client 

Kevin Eike is a rock star, a legal geek, and Mr Rogers all rolled into one.  Circumstances forced my HOA to file a construction defect lawsuit and for well over two years Kevin was the lighthouse guiding us through the twists and turns of the legal process.  He came to our evening HOA meetings whenever we asked to provide updates on the case, and we always knew where we'd been, what was coming next, and what the possible outcomes of each decision along the way might be.
There was a lot of uncertainty and anxiety along the way, but our faith in Kevin never wavered.  Some of us had to give depositions and he prepared us very well, and gave great feedback and support during the breaks.  We sat together through two rounds of mediations and we all greatly appreciated how Kevin gave his input, pros of cons of each decision, and listed factors to consider.  
Our case settled before the trial date.  Had we proceeded to trial, I have no doubts Kevin would have fought tooth and nail for us.
If you're in the unfortunate position of needing a great attorney, meet Kevin.  He's worth his weight in gold.

Kerry R. Villa, Forrest Park HOA

When an inspection revealed we had extensive moisture damage to our home , we were at a loss on how to proceed. Fortunately, we were referred to Kevin Eike at the Aldrich-Eike law firm. After a free consultation, we felt confident that Mr. Eike was eminently qualified to help steer us through this daunting, reconstruction challenge.

Kevin was with us every step of the way, including personally being present at our home as each potential construction firm representative conducted an inspection and prepared an estimate. Kevin worked hard on our behalf to put together the best strategy for us to recover the potential costs for the repairs to our home. 

The combination of Kevin’s construction litigation expertise, his extensive contacts with the various construction companies, and his strong professional relationships within the legal community , resulted in a great outcome! Kevin was able to get the various entities to settle for an amount that paid for the entire cost of the repair. 

We are grateful to Kevin, and all the associates at his firm, for their quick and knowledgeable responses, their professionalism, and above all, their great results on our behalf! We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Kevin and his team to anyone, unconditionally!

Mark and Anette Johnson

"Our experience with Aldrich Eike was beyond satisfying.  Kevin Eike and his team were able to take over an existing case that was stalled and bring it to resolution swiftly and successfully.  If we are faced with construction defect again, Aldrich Eike will be are first and only call."

Kaylan Sisco, CEO of Tillamook County Family YMCA

Our homeowner’s association trusted the Portland, Oregon law firm Aldrich Eike, PC to assist with defects and damages claims against the project developer and contractor. Attorneys Kevin Eike and Chris Grady ultimately obtained a settlement through mediation that was satisfactory to both board and association members. The result was all buildings restored to like-new condition.

The process was complex. It involved the developer, contractor, 23 sub-contractors brought into the process by the contractor, and multiple insurance companies.

The homeowner’s association building maintenance discovered water intrusion in a building structure. Eike and Grady first guided the board through the forensic investigation to determine the extent of damage, notice of claim, response, and negotiations process with the developer and contractor. When the developer and contractor failed to rectify the defects and repair the damages, the board instructed Aldrich Eike to file a complaint in Superior Court (Washington State).

The Aldrich Eike attorneys and staff are results-oriented, dedicated professionals. They worked efficiently and effectively to resolve the board’s claims. Throughout the process – investigations, depositions, pre-trial conferences and the mediation sessions – Grady and Eike kept board representatives thoroughly informed and involved.

Trust Aldrich Eike to handle your claims.


Robert W. Bryant, HOA President

Recently a business partner and I had a construction foundation failure on an investment property.  A third party happened to be managing the property and we felt that the failure was neglected far too long without giving proper notice thus resulting in an significant increase in repair expense both to the internal and external portions of the property. Kevin was amazing in his dealings with us and the management company.  He really went to bat for us and clearly presented us with a myriad of options when we thought that there were none! Because of Kevin’s negotiating skills, experience, and professionalism, we felt that the final agreement was fair and just. 

Dr James Catt, Private Client

“Aldrich-Eike is easy to work with, they understand our business needs and provides great customer service!” Mr. Kevin Eike and his staff are a pleasure to work with in resolving our impending contract disputes before any problems ever arise on our projects. We are able to carefully craft Addendum language to clarify our proposed bids, create acceptable and shared risks, interpret compound language, and negotiate a more-level playing field as a Subcontract versus General Contractor. Kevin returns my phone calls and e-mail inquiries within 24-hours and is very candid, honest, trustworthy and competent Attorney. He is very proficient in dispute resolution, construction litigation and understanding favorable terms and conditions for our contracts. I would highly recommend AE for any contractor looking to stay in business for a very long time!”

John P. Berres, CET

District General Manager – Pacific NW

Cosco Fire Protection, Inc. 

It has been my great pleasure to have meet and used the law firm of Aldridge Eike PC in previous issues within the construction litigation industry. I have used the firm for a wide range of aspects, including writing construction contracts with large entities using in house counsel, legal representation in construction defect reconstruction, and even representation on my own home when the siding and windows failed, all of which resulted in a more than favorable outcome. 

Writing construction contracts can be an arduous task, especially when trying to include all the specific issues which are included in each individual project, and I must say that this firm has proven to have the ability to be versatile in all the different aspects of the construction industry. From a contractors prospective we see different criteria for every project we have, and to identify all the aspects within the contract documents takes foresight and a vast familiarity with the means and methods of construction of which Aldrich Eike PC understand and excel at. 

Their backgrounds in the construction industry was essential to the favorable outcomes of our lawsuits and from the very beginning of the litigation process you could tell they were well versed and on top of the case. 

One of the best things a client can experience is when you need their advice or to just get in touch with them they are always just a phone call away and always there when you need them. Both Dean and Kevin are in my opinion at the head of the class and I would recommend them to anyone or any firm for your needs of expert representation. 

David Hopkins , President OCMI  

I am a 75 year old attorney who currently practices law solely for family and friends.

I recently was involved with a complicated case involving a family trust that I had established where some very egregious actions were being taken against my family trust and other commercial owners by a small, totally controlling faction of residents on the board. 

After years of repeated efforts of trying to amicably resolve the issues, I along with other condo commercial owners were compelled to take legal action against the Association to put a stop to these abusive actions, and to rectify the improper charges that were being billed to the commercial owners. 

To do that we hired the law firm of Adlrich-Eike. We specifically used Kevin Eike and Chris Grady to litigate for us, and it was the best decision we could have ever have made.

The residential defendants had an abundance of unlimited resources of insurance and association funds to fight us while we had to spend our own money which was considerable totaling approximately $175,000. 

The defendants fought very aggressively, but we ultimately prevailed solely as a result of the superb legal work that Kevin Eike and Chris Grady did for us. 

Our attorneys were extremely intelligent, savvy, and knew the law. And when they didn't know the law, they thoroughly researched the law. 

They were tenacious, focused, and hardworking, law and fact driven litigators who knew what they were doing. They were never fooled by any of the shenanigans of the opposition. And most importantly they listened to us as in most situations the client knows the facts better than anyone. 

Our attorneys knew when to push and when to back off, and ultimately got returned to us approximately 85% of our legal fees, something that is very, very rare. 

I can unequivocally and wholeheartedly recommend them. 

William J. More, Private Client  

Success Stories

Seven Figure Settlement Against one of Oregon's Largest Builders



Arbor Villebois Home Owners Association

Kevin A. Eike successfully represented Arbor Villebois Home Owners Association against Arbor Custom Homes/West Hills Development, one of Portland’s largest builders in construction defect litigation involving 94 Townhomes in 24 buildings. Aldrich Eike asserted claims for Breach of Warranty, Breach of Fiduciary Duties, Negligence Unlawful Trade Practices, and Negligence per se. Arbor, in turn, filed third party derivative actions against 15 individual subcontractors and the subcontractors filed fourth party claims against an additional 15 sub-subcontractors turning the case into a 35 party case seeking $4.25 million dollars to fix widespread construction defects with the townhomes.

After a hard fought battle with dozens of attorneys representing dozens of parties, Aldrich Eike was able to favorably resolve the case resulting in a substantial seven figure settlement in the home owner’s favor providing critical funds to repair the homes. Aldrich Eike continued to assist the homeowners after the case settled, by interviewing consultants and repair contractors and representing the homeowners in contract negotiations. Repairs were completed and the Association won the prestigious “Association of the Year” award from Community Associations Institute which recognized Aldrich Eike’s extensive work to save the community.

City of Lowell, Oregon City


Kevin A. Eike represented the City of Lowell, Oregon regarding their City Hall building which was reroofed by a local contractor and has suffered with widespread construction defects and leaks as well as condensation issues. The City attempted to work with the contractors when problems manifested themselves and repair were attempted, but the repair attempts were colossally unsuccessful and did little more than cover up the problems to the City’s dismay.  After a year of litigation, Eike recovered over $300,000 for the City to repair the City Hall.

Redmond School District


 Kevin A. Eike represents the Redmond School District with regard to the showcase, state of the art Ridgeview High School in Redmond, Oregon. The school was constructed by Skanksa USA which one of the largest contractors in the world. The school has a cutting edge DAIKIN heating and cooling system which suffers from widespread construction defects and failures. After a year and a half hard fought litigation with over ten parties, thirty attorneys, dozens of insurance companies, in excess of 30 depositions and two mediations, Eike recovered over $2.5 Million Dollars for the School District providing critical resources to properly repair the school.

See it in the news:  https://www.bendbulletin.com/localstate/6485448-151/faulty-hvac-at-ridgeview-high-leads-to-27

Washington Street Station Apartments

Eike Law, PC recovered over $620,000 for the owners of the Washington Street Apartments from the developers and contractors who built the apartments.  This settlement required filing a lawsuit against 6 parties, engaging in written discovery, defending motions for summary judgment, depositions, and mediation.  Ultimately, the funds will provide necessary resources for the owner to repair the building and compensate the owner for the attorney fees paid to Eike Law PC.

Carl and Lynn Patrick

Carl and Lynn Patrick came to Eike Law PC with a problem with a contractor they had paid to reside their home.  That contractor ran out of money, overcharged the Patricks and even stole the Patrick's ladder.   Eike ultimately reached resolution of the case at mediation which included the contractor paying for a new ladder as well as the mediator's full fee

Mira Gracia

Urban Development Partners developed a large apartment complex next to Mira Gracia's home which resulting in water intrusion and property damage.  Eike Law PC was brought in when Mr. Gracia's former lawyer developed a conflict.  Within only a month and a half Eike was able to negotiate a settlement to pay for necessary repairs without the need for expensive and time consuming litigation.

Melanie Sanders

Melanie Sanders sold a home disclosing open permits and construction which wasn't completed.  The buyer wasn't happy and filed for arbitration claiming misrepresentation.  Eike Law PC defended Ms. Sanders in the claim and was able to negotiate a resolution at mediation.

Kelley Imaging Systems

Kelley Imaging Systems purchased CORE Business Services for a multi million dollar sum.  Eike Law PC drafted and negotiated the Purchase Sale Agreement, Promissory Note as well as employment agreements and earn out compensation agreements.

Cosco Fire Protection

Eike Law PC routinely acts as general counsel for the NW region for Cosco Fire Protection drafting, reviewing, and negotiating contracts, dealing with employment issues, liens, change orders, liquidated damages claims, delay claims, and disputes with multinational large General Contractors and Fortune 500 companies.

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